In 2001 the Mayor of London was required to produce a "Transport Strategy for London" and by law the London borough councils have to produce a "Local Implementation Plan" showing how they intend to coordinate their transport strategies with his.

Wandsworth Council has produced its response - "Transport in Wandsworth - Local Implementation Plan 2005-2011". The full plan is 308 pages long and is available at the Town Hall or can be downloaded from the Wandsworth Council website.

The full report is an interesting document containing everything you would ever want to know about our borough - demographics, maps, car ownership levels (72% of the population of the Wandsworth Common area own a car), accident rates, roads which are the responsibility of the Council (244 miles) and those which belong to the Mayor, parking restrictions, bus routes, noise reduction and so on. But beyond the statistical analysis are proposals which are being implemented. There are passages about the status of Trinity Rd (the Council regard it as a residential road not suitable as an arterial road), traffic flow in the Wandsworth one-way system, controlled parking schemes and more, much of which is of interest to Toastrack residents. The Committee will try to keep track of these developments and bring them to the attention of Toastrack residents where appropriate.