"There's no politics but local politics."

We are not a political body, but the issues that concern us (traffic, crime, parking, waste removal and so on) all have a political dimension. Click here to see the text of our constitution. The essence in Article 2: the Association exists is to protect the interests of the Toastrack and to enhance the quality of life of residents.


There is no formal membership; all residents are willy nilly and automatically members. Neither is there any membership fee. The Committee hope to keep outgoings close to zero. But there are small costs (eg running the website) and at some point we shall try to shake a fiver or tenner out of people so that Committee members do not carry the whole cost. Any voluntary contributions (to the Treasurer) would be most welcome.

The website

The website is designed for Toastrack readership only; we are not trying to sell ourselves to the outside world. Of course anyone can log on. But the website has stealth technology to avoid search engines; type "Toastrack" in Google and we will not be there.

Our logo

Click here to find out how we arrived at our logo.

The Apostrophe

The loss of the apostrophe in "Toastrack Residents Association" may make cause grief to some residents (and Lynne Truss), but we did drop it on purpose. The Designers Republic (no apostrophe in "Designers") told us that that the design world was allergic to punctuation clutter, especially in logos. So we join the ranks of E.M. Forster's "Howards End", "The Times Guide to English Style and Usage" and other anomalies, and to lovers of the apostrophe and the properly educated, we beg forgiveness.