Toastrack Calendar of Events


15 January – Chairman and Secretary call on Mr Salt, Wandsworth Council, to discuss results of first round of parking consultation.

20 January – Residents Association Website goes live.

31 January – 12th meeting of the Executive Committee (to discuss mainly issues relating to the website and parking).

2 February – Roy Amlot QC resigns as Chairman of the Association to be free to mount a campaign in favour of controlled parking.

5 February – A "Vote Yes" letter to all residents from Roy Amlot QC (in his private capacity) appealing for a support for parking controls as the best solution for the Toastrack community as a whole.

10 February – Letter from Secretary to Cllr Edward Lister about closure of Wandsworth Museum and Battersea Arts Centre.

16 February – Reply from Cllr Lister explaining the constraints of the Council's budget but offering some hope.

21 February – 13th meeting of the Executive Committee (to elect new chairman - see 2 February).

27 February – Letter from Secretary to Council about poor state of alleyway footpaths between Baskerville Rd and the Common.

2 March – Another (anonymous) "Vote No" salvo sent to all households about the iniquities of parking controls.

26 March – Serious break-in at 18 Henderson Rd including stolen car. Police notice issued to residents.

27 March – Letter from DEFRA granting consent for the new playground on Wandsworth Common and over-ruling the objections of the TRA.

2 April – Letter from George Meakin, Chairman, to London bus authorities seeking new bus route along Trinity Rd and over Wandsworth Bridge to Fulham.

6 April – Second Consultation on controlled parking. Letter from Mr Michael Salt, Wandsworth Council, asking for views on 1 hr-a-day controlled parking on which Council will base a final decision.

10 April – Letter from TfL London Buses declining to initiate a bus route along Trinity Rd to Fulham.

3 May – 14th meeting of the Executive Committee - discuss security, bus route, playground, AGM and parking.

14 May – Letter to DEFRA from Stephanie Walker on behalf of the Association complaining about decision-making process on playground issue.

15 May – Letter from J. O'SULLIVAN, Group Engineer (On-Street Services) for Director of Technical Services (in response to 27 Feb letter) saying that alleyways from Baskerville to the Common would be assessed for repairs.

18 June – Publication by Wandsworth Council of the results of the parking consultation which showed a majority (52% v. 47% on a turnout of 49%) in favour of controlled parking in the Toastrack.

25 June – Council agree that parking controls should be introduced in the Toastrack from 17 September 2007 for a trial six month period. All households in the Toastrack informed by the Council.

17 September – Introduction of parking controls.

For the complete list of events from 2004, please contact the Secretary

17 September – 15th Meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss local developments and the question of an AGM

29 October – 16th Meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss the agenda and arrangements for an AGM in November.

19 November – First AGM of the Toastrack Residents Association (see minutes)



17 January – 17th Meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss action from the AGM and the Springfield Hospital development.

5 March – Delivery of Mark Clarke petition to all Toastrack households

11 March – 18th Meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss action against Post Office closure and the Springfield Hospital development.

12 March – Petition of the whole Toastrack on 318 Trinity Rd Post Office closure.

17 March – Photo opp outside the Post Office with Mr Patel for Wandsworth Guardian (see website gallery).

27 March – Letter from George Meakin to Minister enclosing Toastrack petition against closure of the Trinity Rd Post Office.

4 April – Letter to Wandsworth Council (McDonnell) about the scale and density of the proposed Springfield development and its impact on the area.

3 May – Dotty article in The Daily Telegraph about "warring factions of Wandsworth" apropos the fashion for basements in the Toastrack.

7 May – Announcement of the closure of the Post Office at 318 Trinity Rd.

8 May – Even dottier article in the Wandsworth Guardian about basements in the Toastrack.

28 May – 19th Meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss the closure of the PO, Springfield and conservation/planning matters.

30 May – Toastrack consulted by Council about operation of controlled parking after six months.

2 June – George Meakin re-elected to Management Advisory Committee of Wandsworth Common at AGM.

19 June – First Neighbourhood Watch (NW) Coordinators Meeting held at Spencer Sports Club; Toastrack Residents Association takes over role of Neighbourhood Watch.

28 June – Closure of the Post Office at 318 Trinity Rd.

20 July – Letter from George Meakin to Cllr McDonnell about the need for a full impact assessment to accompany the Springfield developers' planning application.

23 July – Distribution of Neighbourhood Watch booklets, marker pens and Oyster Card holders to all Toastrack households.

26 August – Results of the final Toastrack consultation by Wandsworth Council on parking controls: 87% wanted the scheme to continue; 87% were content with the existing times of restriction (11.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs Monday to Saturday) on a response rate of 41% of the Toastrack households. End of the parking story.

3 September – Letter from Chairman to Wandsworth Planning Dept objecting to the ultra-modern development plans for Patten Rd (Planning Application 2008/3347).

9 September – Circular from Sadiq Khan MP saying that he has asked the Springfield developers to "go back to the drawing board" on the grounds of local opposition.

24 September – Public meeting chaired by Richard Tracey at Alvering Library to lobby for new bus route over Wandsworth Bridge.

15 October – CCTV covering parts of the Toastrack comes into operation.

3 November – 20th meeting of the Executive Committee.