Waste is in the eye of the beholder:

We all throw away too much and we all have items that could be useful to others eg, bikes, toys, computers, children's clothing, husbands, and so on. If anyone has an idea of how we could recycle useful items around the Toastrack, please let us know.

Car Share:

How many of us only need a car (or a second car) for one trip a day/week/month? How many people would ditch their second car if one were available on an ad hoc basis? It is technically possible to have a pool of cars available for residents to book (usually on the web). Such a scheme is beyond the capacity of the Executive Committee, but it would be interesting to know if any resident has the wherewithal to do something along these lines.

Community Service:

Notwithstanding Toastrack house-prices, we are a cross section of society with many people at each end of the age and earning scale. There are surely people who could do with some support or help, and there are surely some who would be willing to give it if the mechanism were there. If anyone would like to get something going, the Residents Association will offer the umbrella under which it can be done.

Internet access:

The signals emanating from houses in our area show that we are entirely covered by wifi internet networks. There are virtually no blank spots. We are therefore probably one of the most web-connected areas in London. Is there something we should be doing to capitalise on this? Should we have one wifi internet network for the Toastrack? This is beyond the expertise of the committee, but we are open to ideas.

Young people:

There is huge expertise within the Toastrack - the law, media, public relations, government service, design, and so on. Work experience? Training for gap year overseas (eg how to stay out of prison overseas)? Maybe someone can organise something.