This is the website of the The Toastrack Residents Association. Click on Where we are and you will see why our streets are called "The Toastrack".


We are privileged to live in a unique part of London - a conservation area bounded on three sides by Wandsworth Common. Because of the enclosed nature of our streets there is a strong sense of community. The Residents Association can help protect our neighbourhood and enhance the quality of life of its residents. There are developments that impact on all of us - security on the Common, policing, traffic flows, graffiti, the Red Route, street lighting, new housing developments, parking, the congestion zone and much more. We can express our views as individuals, but if we speak as a group we carry considerably more weight. The Toastrack Residents Association provides the mechanism for that voice to be heard and a network for the circulation of opinions, ideas and communal action.

Who are we?

Following a mugging on the Common in July 2004, a group of Toastrack residents met to discuss security in the area and gradually formed itself into a de facto residents' association. A meeting of residents at The Common Ground Café on 14 July 2005 formalised the situation and the AGM on 19 November 2007 adopted a Constitution bringing into being a fully-fledged association to represent the interests of all residents.The present Chairman of the Executive Committee is George Meakin (Dorlcote) and the Secretary is Roger Thomas (Henderson). For a list of committee members, click on Executive Committee. The idea is to have at least two names from each street on the Committee. But the Committee needs new members. Anyone who can contribute time or ideas is welcome to get in touch with the Secretary.

What streets are included?

Dorlcote, Henderson, Nicosia, Patten, Routh and Baskerville Rds together with that part of Trinity Rd which links them - some 150 households.

What do we do?

Deteriorating security on the Common brought us together and this is still one of the main drivers. But we do more than that. For the whole story, click on Calendar of events and Minutes of the AGM where the chairman gave an outline of what the association had been doing. Do you have an issue which you think we should take up? Let us know on